Does Your Kid Need Glasses? Check it Out Here

If your child has eye problems and you don\’t know about it, that can affect how well he or she does in and out of school. It also jeopardizes your childs’ safety especially when they have to cross roads to and from your home. It\’s important to know about eye health because early detection is crucial, especially to young children. If you are not sure whether or not your child needs glasses, then read on.

Always Squinting

“Refractive error” is a condition that makes it hard for the eyes to focus on an object. In order to have more focus on an object and to see it more clearly, they have to squint. If your child is old enough, you can ask why they are squinting most of the time. If you feel that they have this condition, then go bring them to the eye doctor as soon as possible.,

Covers One Eye To See

The normal eyesight is that you can see with both eyes. However, if you notice that your child tilts their head or has to cover one eye in order to see better, this could be a sign that the eyes are not lined up correctly. In some cases, the child has a lazy eye which is one of the most common eye problems in children.


Too Close to Television or Gadget

“Myopia” or nearsightedness makes it easier to see things up close. However, your child has difficulty seeing clearly when things are far away. Myopia in children is common. You will notice this when they want to be as close to the television as possible, or if they bring their gadgets too close to their eyes when using them. There are now online tools like the ones from My Kids Vision that can help you assess whether or not your child has myopia.

School Performance is Affected

As mentioned, school performance can be negatively affected when kids have eye problems that they are not aware about. They will have difficulty focusing their eyes quickly and accurately on things that are far away or up close up. That is why vision problems should not be taken for granted.

Reasons Why Children Need To Wear Eyeglasses

There are plenty of reasons why a child would need to wear eyewear. Some of the most common are to improve and strengthen their weak vision, if they have a lazy eye, to improve the position of their eyes, and also to provide protection if only one eye is affected. If your child experiences any of the signs mentioned then it is best to bring them to a pediatric eye doctor as soon as possible. Again, prevention will always be better than cure when it comes to eye problems.