What stationery items do you need to have?

Bigger offices sometimes have a stationery cupboard. It is where you can keep your stationery stuff and you can find easily what you need to use. However, for small or home-based setups, you have to think hard about the ideal japanese stationery you need. To help you these are the items that you need to have in every office.


When you are reading a book and you read something important you use a marker to underline the sentences. It will help you easily remember when you are about to review. It can help you to use it for the necessary seminars or you can use it when you are writing for your boards. Use markers to highlight the necessary points in your books or notes.


Pens are the basic item that you can use every day. When you are a business person it is one of the things that you are carrying. You will see with everyone they have pens because you can be listening to a presentation or meeting. You have to use a pen to take notes of the necessary points that you have to remember. And choosing the right pen that is right for you. You can also use pens with different inks so you can use the pen depending on the situation.


When you have a pen in your pocket you also need to have a notebook to write everything. One of the necessary office supplies is a journal and the ideal way to keep all information. You can write, sketch maps, and graphs and draw pictures in your notebooks. You can use paper for writing important messages and it is easier to bring and you don’t need a bigger space.



Pencils are important the same as pens. There are now mechanical pens that can improve your writing and it is useful. When your pen is not working, the pencil is always there for you to use it. It is helpful and when you have it you will have to bring an eraser and sharpener.

White papers

White papers are a backup when you don’t have pads or books to write on. It is useful especially when you are studying. As it gives you enough space to write and you can take down notes of all the things you need to remember.

Paper clips and staplers

Paper clips and staplers are the things to attract the paper. You have to buy enough clips and staples to pin your work or receipts for everyday use. When you see a large stapler it can be used to pin the flyers or you use it to notice something on the board.

Organizers and envelopes

Envelopes are used to send invitations, business cards, and cheques. It is also ideal for keeping important papers by using envelopes. Organizers are used to store your pens, markers, envelopes, and more. You can use it when you like your space to be organized and you don’t want anything to clutter.