Top Tunes for Lalamove Delivery Drivers

Top Tunes for Lalamove Delivery Drivers

Lalamove is a fast-growing on-demand delivery service in Southeast Asia that needs to deliver goods and services to customers who order online. Behind the scenes, Lalamove delivery drivers use public transportation such as buses and trains, motorcycles, and bicycles to carry packages around town. mitra kurir driver needs to have a good sense of balance because they have to operate motor vehicles in the congested streets of Indonesia.


To support Lalamove delivery drivers, IMA Music developed a set of top tunes that will help them keep their minds fresh and calm. The album features the best hits from 2014, so Lalamove drivers can deliver more safely on the road and make more money.


Recruits are asked to set their profile when registering as a Lalamove courier driver. Each Lalamove driver has the right to choose the profile name and photo that best describes their personality. Lalamove drivers have lots of fun trying different kinds of funny and cute images.

mitra kurir

Many Lalamove drivers have asked IMA Music to create a hit music album they could use on their delivery jobs. IMA complied by putting together this top tunes album for all Lalamove drivers out there!


The title track, “Top Tunes For Lalamove Delivery Drivers,” is a catchy, high-energy song with positive lyrics that will make listeners feel energetic and motivated. The catchy melody is easy to follow and can be learned by heart. The song repeats the phrase “Top Tunes For Lalamove Delivery Drivers,” which smiles at listeners every time they play it.


In the video for track number 2, “Terima Kasih (Thank You),” an IMA artist sings about how much he thanks Lalamove for giving him the chance to make more money through delivery jobs. His gratefulness is felt in his happy singing and lively gestures!







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