Ultimate Food Waste Solutions: Recycle Waste To Valuable Resources

Waste disposal management is one of the most valuable programs for having a sustainable environment. Aside from keeping the environment safe, recycling wastes is to help the environment clean and healthy.

What is commercial composting?

A commercial composting Australia is a large-scale composting designed to handle an extremely high volume of organic waste, handling organic waste from a facility or household. The compost produced by the commercial composting products is processed for nurseries and farms.

The commercially composted wastes are applied to municipal landscaping. Also, many people are purchasing these commercially composted wastes. With the increasing interest in recycling, composting, and decreasing the environmental impact of doing business, making commercial composting operations have expanded radically.

Commercially composting facilities

Here are the ultimate commercial composting facilities used to recycle wastes:

Soil food system. The facility is a dehydration system that re-purposes organic waste away from the trash yard, creating a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. What makes this facility an ultimate recycling waste facility is a collection of services to communities and farms to help improve the health of the soil to create richer vegetables to supply the needs of the consumers.


Rocket composter. The facility provides the perfect onsite revved-in vessel solution. A continuous feed of green waste and organic food makes composting easy.

Grease guardian. It is an above-ground automated oil and grease recovery method at source for commercial kitchens.

KITRO. It is a unique imaging solution providing a quick analysis of food waste.

How does commercial composting work?

Commercial composting operation gathers waste from grocery stores, restaurants, and other commercial facilities that handle food. It also collects commercial composters to control green waste bins from particular citizens and food waste to a separate container and set containers out for everyday collection with garden waste and recycling.

Commercial composting facilities will work side-by-side with recycling agencies and municipal garbage to make it easier for people to take advantage of the composter services. Waste collection is done with a fleet of trucks that delivers the materials to a facility for composting.

Some other commercial composting companies are allowing people to drop off their compost, normally in the large truckloads from agricultural facilities and farms. A huge volume of waste requires more space for composting. It is ideal for anaerobic composting to break down the compost quickly, which generates immense heat as a waste product.

Any of the recycling waste equipment used, still can produce high-quality organic fertilizers that can help the agricultural industry produce more quality supply in the market. Recyclable wastes don\’t just help the environment be safe, but also support quality agricultural products supply in the market. More and more farmers will be happy to take advantage of this commercial composting equipment.