While you decided to watch online Telugu movies, see the reasons to watch “Mrugaraju”

The OTT platforms, which came recently, have been entertaining the audience very much. Due to the close of theatres, the audience chooses to watch online Telugu movies. The aha platform brought many vintage popular movies to watch online. It is a different platform among other OTT platforms. It came with exclusive Telugu movies. Aha movies recently added Mrugaraju movies in their online library to watch. Let’s see the reasons why to watch the movie.


Chiranjeevi, Simran, and Sanghavi starrer Mrugaraju released on 11th January 2001 for the Pongal special. The movie came in the prestigious production house Devi Film Productions, which gave terrific blockbusters to Chiranjeevi earlier. Director Gunasekhar\’s second time directed Chiranjeevi with this film. One of the exciting things is veteran novel writer Yandamuri Veerendranath helped in the storyline for this movie. Most of his novels picturized as movies with hero Chiranjeevi only and recorded big blockbusters. The team of the film also tried to repeat that hit sentiment with including Yandamuri Veerendranath.


Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Chiranjeevi, Simran, Sanghavi, Prakash Raj, Rami Reddy, Raja Ravindra, and Naga Babu, etc.

Screenplay & Direction: Gunasekhar

Music: Mani Sharma

Cinematography: Sekhar V. Joseph

Produced by: K. Devi Vara Prasad on Devi Film Productions


Mrugaraju’s story is inspired by a Hollywood movie The Ghost in the Darkness. That main story added with the nativity of Telugu and included some commercial elements. Gunasekhar filmed with high technical values. Most of the scenes filmed in a deep forest, as the story revolves around the lions and constructing of a bridge.

While going to the story, a lion attacks a train bridge builder in a dense forest. The lion also killed a site engineer working there, and another site engineer, Simran, arrived. Raju (Chiranjeevi) comes to help them. Raju, a tribal, is a good hunter. Also, the Jungle Guide. A forest official tries to kill them. Then it turns out that Chiranjeevi and Simran are both husband and wife. It’s a small flashback that Simran marries Chiranjeevi. But, her father did not like Raju. Due to the clashes created by her father, the couple takes divers. When the flashback is complete, it turns out that there is another lion. The climax is how Raju kills this lion and saves Simran and his daughter.

Highlights of the movie \”Mrugaraju\”:

The main highlight of the movie is Chiranjeevi acted as a hunter in the deep forest. The action sequences between Chiranjeevi and Lion must be watchable on screen. The movie was made with high-end technical values. Chiranjeevi’s performance is outstanding as a tribal guy, and he showed his skills again in some emotional scenes.

One of the main highlights is Chiranjeevi sung one song, “Chai Chatukkuna Tagara Bhai.” The song got most prevalent in those days. It is the second one for Chiranjeevi as a singer.

The dance was excellent, which was composed by Raghava Lawrence.

Chiru and Simran\’s pair was beautiful. The pleasant melody “Hey Shatamanam Annadi Le” given by Mani Sharma is a must watch on screen. Gunashekhar filmed this song as a visual treat to the audience.

Brahmanandam’s comedy will give refreshment between massive action episodes.

Producer Devi Varaprasad spent the money to make the film visually rich. His production values are visible throughout the entire movie.

Finally: Mrugaraju is an action-adventure with love and family drama. Chiranjeevi fights with Lion episodes; his dances entertain the audience. No doubt, Mrugaraju will entertain the whole family, it\’s much recommended in OTT platform Telugu movies.